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Skopelos is famous for its clean and beautiful beaches, among of which the most worth-visiting ones are Stafilos, Panormos, Milia, Kastani, and Hovolo.

Stafilos Beach is located only 5km away from the Town of Skopelos Island and is a popular summer destination. Stafilos has crystal clear waters and is surrounded by green vegetation. There are some sunbeds available for rental too, while close to the beach there is a snack bar and a fish tavern.

You will find Perivoliou Beach in the north part of Skopelos Island. Its waters are crystal clear with light blue color, its coast sandy and surrounded by green beautiful trees, like the most beaches of the Greek Island. Perivoliou is 30 km away from the Town and 5 km away from Glossa Village, and it is easily accessible by car. Umbrellas and sunbeds are available for rent, while there is also a small beach bar too.

Panormos is a virgin, crystal blue beach 12km away from Skopelos Town. It has pebbles and unique view of the green landscape of the island too. Panormos is usually not affected by winds, so it is a safe choice for families with children. Nearby, there are also some small fish taverns if you want to taste seafood.

Milia is an organized beach with amazing light blue waters and tiny pebbles. It is located in the north part of the island, 13 km away from Town. You can rent sunbeds and umbrellas if you want to sit more conveniently and enjoy your swim. The most impressive feature of Milia is a rock which divides the coast into two parts and of course, Dassia, a small island that can see from Milia’s coast.

Kastani Beach was the place where “Mamma Mia“ movie was filmed, and which is visited by a lot of tourists each year because they want to see with their own eyes this magnificent location. The landscape of Kastani beach combines the turquoise waters of the sea with the green diversity of the trees of the Sporades. The beach is organized, it has pebbles and it is easily accessible.

Hovolo Beach – also known as Neo Klima – is another beautiful worth-visiting beach of Skopelos. Thanks to its enchanting, clean waters, Hovolo beach is a popular destination despite the fact that is situated 18 km away from the Center of Skopelos. In Hovolo, you can practice water sports, hiking or discover the coves of the beach. Nearby, you can enjoy a meal at the small traditional taverns, or taste local recipes.

Amarantos is the popular beach where Mamma Mia scenes took place! The combination of the turquoise waters with the green vegetation will make you fall in love with this place. Amarantos is also famous for its rocky coast that resembles a sculpture in its depths. The beach is ideal for diving lessons too given that its depth reaches 30 meters. Amarantos is located on the south part of Skopelos Island, that is why its waters are cold and crystal clear.

Agios Ioannis was also a shooting place for Mamma Mia movie along with Amarantos Beach. The first thing you notice while visiting Agios Ioannis is the small, picturesque church on top of the cliff. Then, the second thing you observe is the beach beneath the church, where you can spend unforgettable times with your friends or family!